BMW Unveil Car That Changes Colour

BMW have unveiled a new car that changes colour. Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas the BMW iX Flow uses E Ink to transform from one colour to another allowing a driver to adapt the exterior of the vehicle to different situations and individual wishes. Stella Clarke, Head of Project for the BMW iX Flow featuring E Ink says: "Similar to fashion, the vehicle then becomes an expression of different moods and circumstances in daily life.". The fluid colour changes are made possible by a specially developed body wrap. When stimulated by electrical signals, the electrophoretic technology brings different colour pigments to the surface causing the body skin to take on the desired colouration. A variable exterior colour can also contribute to wellness in the interior and to the efficiency of the vehicle. In an all-electric car, changing the colour in line with the weather can therefore also help to increase the range. In the interior, the technology could, for example, prevent the dashboard from heating up too much. BMW chiefs now hope to bring this new form of personalisation to the outside and inside of future production vehicles.

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