Blue Prosecco is here for anyone whose bubbly isn't unusual enough

But does it really count as a sparkling wine? [Photo: Fratelli Saraceni]

Whether its diet Prosecco you drink, or if you even grow your own, whats for sure is us Prosecco drinkers want more than just your traditional version of our favourite sparkling wine nowadays.

And now, there’s a new addition to this unusual booze family; blue Prosecco.

Yep, a bottle of Prosecco drink that’s bright, bright blue.

Well, it’s certainly out of the ordinary [Photo: Fratelli Saraceni]

Unlike that Panda Pop you probably drank at school, just to be clear, this isn’t Prosecco with a vat of food colouring added in. It’s blue curacao added to Prosecco and peach – basically a cocktail in a bottle.

Blumond, a creation of Tuscan firm Fratelli Saraceni, is already sold in America and China and now it’s on its way to Europe with its first stop at Sicily in June.

Don’t think you’re going to get drunk off a single glass, however – it’s just 7% alcohol content, which has lead to debate as to whether it’s really a sparkling wine at all.

The Mail Online says Italians even reckon that the £16 bottles will end up having to be labelled as an ‘aperitif’, ‘aromatised cocktail’ or ‘long drink’ due to local laws.

And wine aficionados are turning their noses up at the drink; Wladimiro Gobbo, a member of Italy’s Sommelier Association, told the publication that Blumond is “simply an insult to our wine tradition”.

In which case, guess where it might travel to next; the UK, where we’ll drink absolutely anything.

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