These Bloody Mary Pre-Mixed Cans Will Save Your Life This Christmas

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: Bloody Drinks

From Delish

It’s a scientific fact (it’s not, but whatever…) that a Bloody Mary is the best hangover cure known to man. The spice, the acid, the booze – it’s the perfect combination to get you through the morning after the night before.

One thing that’s not in a Bloody Mary’s favour is how much of a faff they can be to make. There are a fair few ingredients, and lots of slicing, stirring and opening of bottles. And when you’re feeling fragile and your hands have turned into useless, shaky claws, the less faffing about you have to do, the better.

Enter Bloody Drinks! This company has taken all the hard work out of Bloody Marys by creating pre-mixed cans of the stuff. So all you have to get your claw to do is open a can. You can just about manage that, right?

Bloody Drinks’ signature recipe for The Bloody Classic, includes premium vodka and sherry for body, the finest tomatoes from Italy and Spain for natural sweetness, fresh lemons for acidity, and Worcestershire and soy sauce for a rich, umami-packed base.

Hair of the dog never tasted so good.

One/two/nine (always drink responsibly) of these bad boys, a fry-up to end all fry-ups and a bag of salt and vinegar Walkers and you’ll be feeling back to your old self again before you can say “Pub?”.

You can buy cans of Bloody Drinks' Bloody Marys online or in Selfridges for £3.99 each.

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