From Blood To Slime - 5 Halloween Eyeliner Looks You Need To Try This Fright Night

George Driver
Photo credit: @viktorpeters / Instagram


If you're not one for a full on Halloween costume with OTT make-up to match, and going for a couple's costume or something a bit punny is just too far on the wrong side of cheesy for you, then a creepy eyeliner look could be the subtle nod to fright night you've been looking for.

Achievable with just the contents of your everyday make-up bag, Halloween eyeliner is the spooky Instagram trend we're totally on board with.

Check out the ghoulish and gory eyeliner looks you need to try this Halloween...

Blood Eyeliner

2017's update on last year's slime liner trend but with a bright red bloody twist. Perfect for a gory nod to the scariest night of the year.

Slime Eyeliner

Last year's biggest Halloween eyeliner trend and it still looks ooey gooey and Goosebumps-level of scary. Go for the classic neon green or try a dark purple for a witchy twist.