Winter skincare: How to revive dry skin this season

Tamara Hinson
18 December 2012
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Follow these top tips to beat dry skin this winter © Rex

Winter can spell dermatological disaster, but don't panic: we've rounded up some top tips for those seeking skincare salvation.

Check out our pick of the best winter beauty tips, to help you tackle the drying cold air this season...

Freeze factor

Cold air is actually drier than warm air, which is why we're more prone to dry skin in winter - the cold air literally sucks the moisture out of our skin.

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"For your face, the trick is to seal enough moisture into your skin, in order to prevent dry and chapped skin which happens so easily when temperatures drop," says skincare guru Ole Henriksen.

"Just like you layer your clothes during winter, a little layering on your skin becomes necessary."

Complexion oils are the ideal way to lock in moisture - simply apply first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Pucker up

Show your lips some love this winter: instead of simply slathering on the lip balm, take some time to slough away dead skin cells with a lip scrub. An old toothbrush or make up sponge will work just as well.

"Nothing looks worse than lips with peeling skin, and preventing this from happening in cold weather can at times seem almost impossible," admits Ole Henriksen.

"However, there's a solution: every night and morning, massage your lips very firmly with a small, round, damp complexion sponge. This trick will eliminate flakiness while also making your lips fuller from all the stimulation."

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Red alert

While we all love a rosy glow, red, inflamed skin is never a good look. "The cold air can make our skin red and irritated and cause capillaries to flair up," points out Ole Henriksen.

"Indoor heating dries out the skin and can make it flaky and uncomfortable and irritated in a different way. It's so important to use a nice, richly-textured moisturiser in the winter."

Grey days

Cold weather doesn't just dry out skin - the lack of moisture, combined with the fact that during the festive period we often wear heavier make up than usual (and sometimes forget to take it off before we hit the hay, tut tut) can often leave our skin looking lacklustre and lifeless, and moisturisers - especially vitamin-infused ones - play a crucial role in maintaining radiance.

"You should always apply enough moisturiser in the morning so that your skin has a nice glow from hydration," says Ole. "Look for one which is loaded with soluble vitamins, like vitamins A and E."

Perfect pinkies

The skin on certain parts of our body, such as our hands, is especially thin and needs extra protection. Opt for a moisturiser with UVA and UVB protection - the skin here ages at a faster rate than the skin in other areas because it's constantly exposed to external aggressors throughout the year, but unlike the skin on our face, it's less likely to be protected.

It's a white out

Fluctuating temperatures can spell disaster for our scalps - the sudden changes in temperature can increase cell turnover, which is precisely what causes dandruff. Apply a few drops of a peppermint-infused scalp oil twice a week and invest in an oil-balancing shampoo and conditioner.

Our top tip? Take a chill pill - stress can contribute to dandruff because when we're stressed, our scalp secretions increase, and this can also lead to increased cell turnover.

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