Top 5 beauty innovations to watch out for in 2013

Top 5 beauty innovations to watch out for in 2013

This week, we take a look at the trends and innovations which will shape skincare in 2013

Water, water everywhere…

In 2013, water will emerge as a key ingredient within make up - especially powder-based products. Several of the larger cosmetic brands are planning to launch such products in 2013, alongside make up products which can be mixed with water to alter consistency and shade.  “Water-infused skin care and make up will start to make a big splash in 2013,” predicts Chase Aston, the Body Shop's international make up artist. “Expect to see formats which are infused with water-based key ingredients, which can be combined again with water to change and adapt the existing format and product.”

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BB or CC?

2013 will see the arrival of the CC (colour corrector) cream. Chanel’s CC cream launched in Asia last year, but has yet to go on sale here. Olay Regenerist’s CC cream launches in the UK in Spring, and promises to instantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles while also evening out skin tone.  Spa-based skincare brand Ainhoa have also recently launched a CC cream.  “CC creams are going to explode onto the beauty scene with a Big Bang this year,” predicts Chase Aston. “They’re the next innovative step up from the fabulous BB creams. We are definitely going to see CC creams taking centre stage.”

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Anti-ageing evolution

The anti ageing market will continue to grow at unprecedented rates in 2013, predicts Dr Michele Engel, an aesthetic doctor at London-based Waterhouse Young clinic. “However, with so many revolutionary products claiming to help you achieve the perfect youthful complexion, deciphering which one is actually going to work for you and your skin is sometimes a puzzling process. Next year, I believe we will see a revival in skincare products containing the time-trusted anti-aging ingredients Vitamin C+3 and Vitamin A+. Both vitamins are scientifically proven and offer considerable skin enhancing benefits – VitaminC+3 helps to strengthen, protect and support healthy skin, while Vitamin A+ clarifies and refines the appearance of skin affected by sun damage, uneven texture, deep wrinkles and blemishes.”

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Micellar marvel

Micellar waters are oil-in-water solutions which work as cleansers and are especially ideal for removing make up.  "Micellar water is the big buzzword for skin care in 2013," says the Body Shop's Chase Aston.  "The new kids on the block are micellar waters which contain liquid crystal. These are miniature water-filled crystals, which trap and soak up excess oil and residue quicker and faster without the need to scrub and pull at the skin."  Micellar waters are especially suitable for those with sensitive skin, and often contain natural ingredients such as flower extracts. "Micellar water is a vastly milder purified make up remover that leaves no residue,  resulting in less irritation and helping to eliminate any environmental toxic effects on the complexion for a fully cleansed, smoother skin surface," explains Chase.

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3D make up

We've had high definition make up, but 2013 will see the arrival of 3D make up, which uses what's referred to as chroma 3D technology. A number of Asian cosmetic brands are planning to launch ranges toward the end of the year, and certain brands, such as MAC are already dabbling in the field with the introduction of highly reflective and metallic products.  "It won't be long before we start to see 3D-formulated make up - think high intensity shine and reflective qualities - for the eyes, lips and cheeks," predicts Chase. "Not glitter or shimmer, but innovative formats which impart a 3D effect onto the area where applied. The look will be intense and dramatic and will take make up textures to a whole new level. We will start to see chroma 3D make up formats and texture arrive on the scene in late 2013."

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