Let’s hear it for multipurpose miracle beauty products

It shouldn't come as a surprise that looking good is pretty high up on the list of priorities for the TOWIE cast, but we're pretty sure their must-have beauty product isn't so obvious: nappy cream.

That's right, ever since TOWIE's Chloe Simms slapped it on the face of co-star and acne-sufferer Diags, Superdrug has reported that the £2.75 tubs of Sudocrem have been flying off the shelves. And, in a time of nationwide belt-tightening, Chloe might just be onto something.  "With customers trying to cut back on their spending we've noticed a significant rise in the buying of cost effective multi-purpose products," observes Simon Comins, Superdrug's director of toiletries.

So, what other multipurpose miracle products lurk within the dark recesses of our homes? Here are the experts' top go-to emergency products.

You've been TOWIED

Whilst we love their use of nappy cream as a quick fix for skin complaints, we're not so keen on the Tango-orange glow sported by the cast of the Essex reality show, so to avoid a fake tan disaster, skip expensive tan correcting products and reach for an astringent or alcohol-based toner instead. Simply dab on as required to tidy up tidemarks.

Product suggestion: The Sanctuary's Pore Refining Toner, £2.55, Boots.

Chipped, peeling nail polish is never a good look, but if there's no remover to hand, don't despair. "Apply a clear top coat followed by a little insect repellent, then rub off," suggests Chase Aston, The Body Shop's international make up artist.

Product suggestion: Superdrug Insect repellent, from £1.99, Superdrug

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Hair heroes

Conditioner doesn't just soften the hairs on your head but the ones on your legs, too. If you've run out of shaving foam, avoid recreating the Psycho shower scene and slather some conditioner onto your legs instead.

Product suggestion: Herbal Essences Hello Hydration conditioner, £1.99, Boots.

Waging war on frizz? Celebrity hairdresser Richard Ward suggests raiding the kitchen cupboards. "Olive oil or nut-based oils such as Almond or Coconut provide great miniaturisation and can be a really effective store cupboard stand-by," says Richard. "Shampoo out and re-condition with conventional conditioner afterwards to disguise smells and remove residue."

Product suggestion: Tesco's Olive Oil, £2.29, Tesco

Why pay half a week's wages for a designer dry shampoo?  "If your hair is looking a little greasy, tap a small amount of talc into the parting, wait a couple of minutes and brush through for a dry shampooing effect," suggests Richard Ward.

Product suggestion: Simple Pure Fine Talc, £2.05, Boots

If a dip in the pool has given your blonde locks that dreaded green tinge, don't panic. "Tomato ketchup is a great remedy for those with lighter hair who've hit the swimming pool in the summer and found their highlights have taken on a green tinge," says Richard Ward.  "Simply smooth onto affected areas and shampoo out after 10 minutes. Incidentally, most pools within the EU are turning to salt additives to clean the water instead, so this problem may soon disappear!"

Product suggestion: Heinz Tomato Ketchup, £1.50, Tesco

If you're planning on a big night out but don't have time to visit the salon, the contents of your make up bag might just have more uses than expected. "If your roots are showing, take a matte toned eye-shadow in the same shade as your hair, and apply, using your finger, to tone down the contrast," suggests Chase.

Product suggestion: Revlon Matte Luxurious Colour Eye Shadow, £5.29, Boots

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Saving face (and cash)

All of out blusher? Chase Aston's here to save the day with a recession-busting quick fix. "For an instant cream blush effect, take your lipstick and smooth over the apple of the cheek, blending in for a sheer wash of colour," suggests Chase.

Product suggestion: The Body Shop's Delipscious Sheer Lip Colour, from £3, The Body Shop.

Facial masks and spot treatments can be costly, but those pesky spots that appear out of nowhere are no match for make up artist Chase Aston's DIY beauty tip. "To remove blackheads, take some gelatine or a lemon flavoured jelly, place in a bowl and dissolve over a warm heat,  allow to cool, then apply to the face or the blackhead in question, leave on for thirty minutes then peel off," suggests Chase.

Product suggestion: Hartley's lemon jelly, 35p, Sainsbury's.

So, next time you find yourself staring a beauty-related disaster in the face, resist the urge to splash the cash on a swanky new product and head to the kitchen or bathroom cupboards, instead!