This Cycling Device Projects Signals On To Cyclists' Backs


Earlier this week, Samsung revealed it's 'see-through truck' technology, allowing motorists to essentially see how safe the road ahead is in order to easily overtake larger vehicles.

And now Azerbaijani designer Elnur Babayev has developed a similar device for cyclists, allowing them to indicate to other motorists and cyclists their intended actions using projected images on their own backs.

The mounted device, the Cyclee, sits behind riders' seats and projects signals on to their clothing based on their actions.

Stopping signs, indicators and a bright bicycle symbol are already built into the system, although apparently the app allows for custom designs (which could be a LOT of fun).

Cyclee is currently only a "concept design", which has been shortlisted at Red Dot Awards, meaning it'll probably only get made if it wins.

Fingers crossed!

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The Cyclee projects action indicators on to cyclist's backs.
Cyclee allows you to design your own symbols using the app and syncs wirelessly.
The Cyclee mounts on to the back of most bicycles.