There Are 38 New Emojis Coming NEXT YEAR!

Nikki Barr

Brace yourselves, it's the moment we've all been waiting for - Unicode are releasing 38 brand new emojis next year.

After the excitement of the recent additions and emoji being the fastest growing language, the people at Apple have finally listened to our cries for Owls, Advocados and Clinking Champagne Glasses.

So Unicode, who create said drawings of joy, have released a list of 38 new emojis that are due for release in June 2016 - and two of the designs YAHOO PROPOSED are on there, designed by our illustrator Simon Gould.

The 38 brand new emoji designs.
The 38 brand new emoji designs.

The full list of emojis due out next year:

Face with cowboy hat
Clown face
Nauseated face
Rolling on the floor laughing
Drooling face
Lying face
"Call me" hand
Raised back of hand
Left-facing fist
Right-facing fist
Hand with first and index finger crossed
Pregnant woman
Face palm
Man dancing
Man in tuxedo
Mother Christmas
Wilted flower
Motor scooter
Octagonal sign
Clinking glasses - Yahoo Lifestyle's design!
Black heart
Fox face
Owl - Yahoo Lifestyle's design!

According to the 'Unicode emoji subcommittee', the new characters are being considered due to "popular requests" as well as the need for "filling the gaps" in their equality portrayals (the 'pregnant woman', for example).

The actual designs are likely to change, with the documents stating: "The drawings are an indicator, but may not fully reflect the potential popularity of the corresponding image among online communities."

Each emoji selection has some serious research behind it, with Unicode noting highly searched-for additions, social media use and the most requested on the likes of Reddit and various news sites.

Call Me Hand: "It is important to note that hand gestures, faces and body parts are among the most frequently used emoji. This is especially true of hand gestures because of the use of emoji on cell phones. The 'CALL ME' HAND is expected to be used quite frequently."

Selfie: "Google hits 233,000,000 (text) 138,000,000 images. Option: design image to have just the hand and phone, pointing at following face symbol. Very popular and expected usage is high."

Fingers Crossed: "One of the most widely recognised symbols in the Western world. 57,000,000 hits on Google search. Very popular and high expected frequency of use."

Man Dancing, Mother Christmas, Groom and Prince: All "missing gender pairs" for emojis that already exist.

Croissant: "Apple most requested list tier 1; Popular food item in France and other European countries."

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