The 8,000 Calorie Breakfast You Need To Sign A Waiver To Eat

Here at Yahoo Lifestyle, we love a good fry up.

Actually, we love a bad fry up too.

We just love fry ups.

But even with our insatiable hunger for hash browns and black pudding, we’d struggle to chow down on The Hibernator - an 8,000 calorie breakfast on offer at the Bear Grills café in Congleton, Cheshire.

Meet The Hibernator. [Facebook]
Meet The Hibernator. [Facebook]

The gut busting dish weighs in at seven pounds – that’s the average weight of a newborn baby – and contains over three times the recommended daily calorie allowance for men.

For those of you interested in trying it out, The Hibernator breakfast consists of:
8 rashers of bacon
8 sausages
4 hash browns
4 fried eggs
4 potato waffles
4 slices of toast
4 slices of fried bread
4-egg cheese omlette
Large Chips

All of this is washed down with a ginormous two-pint milkshake, complete with whipped cream on top.

Named The Hibernator due to how sleepy any winner would be after eating so much food, the challenge costs £19.95 but finish it within 30 minutes and it’s free.

The breakfast packs a whopping 8,000 calories. [Facebook]
The breakfast packs a whopping 8,000 calories. [Facebook]

As well as a free brekkie, victorious eaters win a Man vs Bear t-shirt and a place on Bear Grills’ Wall of Fame.

Twenty-two brave breakfast fans have gone toe-to-toe with The Hibernator and 22 have gone home empty handed.

Café owner Mark Winder invented with the eye-watering challenge in an attempt to broaden his client base.

“Most of my customers are in their 60s and 70s and the reason I came up with The Hibernator was to inject some youth into the place and I think it has,” claimed Winder.

Bear Grills owner Mark Winder invented The Hibernator to bring more young people to the cafe. [Facebook]
Bear Grills owner Mark Winder invented The Hibernator to bring more young people to the cafe. [Facebook]

“Younger guys come in, and it is all men who have tried the challenge, and they look at the ingredients up on the board and say: ‘I am going to smash that’.

“But then they see it come out on a big platter all heaped high and start to cry on the phone to their friends. They give up after about twenty minutes.”

So ridiculous is the challenge, wannabe champions have to sign a waiver form before hand in case they injure themselves while chowing down on the calorific dish.

Anyone up for it? We’ll see you in Bear Grills – we’ll be the ones crying into a mountain of fried bread.


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