Some Student Animators Have Done Something Awesome With Taylor Swift's Shake It Off Video

Nikki Barr

What can you do with a Taylor Swift video when you're a super talented animator?

Taylor Swift, rotoscoped.
Taylor Swift, rotoscoped.

We're not going to add some ironic guesses here, as we actually don't know what those mystic people are capable of, but what we DO know is that adding tentacles to Taylor's arms is one of the many things they can do.

And a team of 49 students from the University of Newcastle have decided to do just that.

Those clever Northeners have created a mindf*** of a mashed-up Shake It Off video, using "rotoscoping" (which means tracing over a video frame-by-frame - says Wikipedia) throwing in some rabbit ears, robots, donkeys and octopus tentacles to Taylor's video, which has obvs now done the rounds on social.

Watch and enjoy so you can share it before all your friends get the chance.

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