Men With Coffee Isn't The Only Hot Men Instagram You Need To Be Following


Coffee and men are pretty much all we've talked about today. Yep, it's been a difficult shift at Yahoo HQ.

And it's all thanks to a really rather fantastic Instagram account that's been gaining momentum over the past few months showcasing snaps of hot men and hot coffee. Our new favourite combo.


So now, on those difficult winter mornings, head to Men And Coffee - the healthier way to get your caffeine fix by looking at lovely pictures of beautiful men supping delicious cups of coffee. Guaranteed to perk you up.

As well as the pretty subjects, the account is beautifully curated with classy, interesting and meticulously filtered images. It's basically the perfect Instagram feed. And now there's Women And Coffee too. Hurrah.

HOT guys and HOT coffee (Instagram)

Both accounts join all the shots on social media that show off our obsession with hot bods and pretty faces.

But back to the boys.

Just making coffee (Instagram)

Combine those hotties with something cute or tasty and it seems you're onto a major winner.

Our other favourite 'hot men' Instas (that you need to hit the follow button on right now) include these life-affirming collections...

Hot Guys Being Hot

Sometimes they don't need a coffee. Hell, they don't need anything for us to oggle at them. Men on the Paris Metro did the rounds a few months ago (with good reason, French men are HAWT) and who can forget how popular our very own British guys are on the Tube are? (Though, mostly in China).

And our fave has to be those handsome chaps with an intellectual bent - Hot Dudes Reading.

Read my pretties, read (Instagram)

Hot Guys With Animals

It's hardly surprising with the way the internet has been going that adding a cute pup or kitty to hot guy just blows all our minds.

Guys and their dogs (Instagram)

Guys And Their Dogs has got the right idea (and it's regularly updated). Or if cats are more your thing, how about Cute Boys With Cats?

And sometimes we get hot guy, coffee AND a cat, and that is the jackpot.

Kitty. (Instagram)

It's not just Instagram getting in on our love of hot people and cute animals. Tumblr is the perfect stomping ground for palpitation-inducing hot stuff too.

Behond: Boys With Beards With Cats. It's every bit as good as it sounds.

See? (Boys With Beards With Cats//Tumblr)

Or how about Men And Puppies? Yes please.

But let's take it even further and introduce tiny humans, like this one (with the hot man and the coffee):

Men With Coffee (Instagram)

Which leads us nicely onto:

Hot Dads

Such as these DILFs in Disneyland, taking one for the family team.

DILFs of Disneyland

Or this Tumblr full of Hot Men With Babies.

So, your week is pretty sorted, huh?

And oh hey, we have an Insta account, didn't you know? Follow us for pretty things @YahooLifestyle.

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