Men: Here's How NOT To Talk To Women Online

Mansplaining, The Patriarchy, Slut-shaming.

For those of us with our finger on the gender equality pulse these might sound like overused feminist buzzwords, but now and again something happens that typifies exactly why these terms are still so relevant.

Marketing director Christina Topacio has a healthy fan base on her Twitter and Instagram accounts, which are full of beautifully shot photos of her impeccable style, enviable holidays and mouthwatering meals.

With 13,000 Instagram followers comes a certain amount of unsolicited opinions and advice as Christina discovered when she received a lengthy message from a man on Facebook, a message she has since shared with the world.

“Christina…can I tell you something that might make you never wanna talk to me again, but I wanna tell you anyways”

Right there: he acknowledges that what he is about to say, he really has no place saying to this woman or any woman at all and yet feels compelled to as a straight man who is attracted to her. It is his duty to speak this truth.

“I watch your snaps. I follow your pictures. Im f*****g constantly creepin.”

Admitting that he stalks her online as if she should be complimented by this fact.

“…you are so beautiful. Your personality is so hilarious. I can tell youre witty. I can tell your smart. I can tell your just pure fun and comedy.”

Wow, that’s nice. That is a nice group of things to say one after the other. Let’s just stop typing right there shall we and carry on with our lives.

“I would seriously consider dating you. Getting to know you. Everything.”

But? I really feel like there is a but coming here…

This man is simply exercising his god-given right to judge women on their size [Facebook/Christina Topacio]
This man is simply exercising his god-given right to judge women on their size [Facebook/Christina Topacio]

“But you know what? And it fucking kills me to say this…”

Wow, he seems really cut up about what he’s about to say. What could Christina have done to him to make him doubt these obviously deep and meaningful feelings he has for her that he has built up over a long and intense relationship with her Instagram account?

Did she run over his dog and drive away, cackling like Cruella De Vil?

Maybe she makes horrifically racist, homophobic comments whenever she has half a glass of wine?

Maybe she suggested that Pepsi is better than Coke?


“And its nothing you dont already know. And Im positive you’ve thought about it. And Im only telling you this because I want it to effect a change.”

This guy. THIS GUY. Like a modern-day Robin Hood, righting wrongs wherever he sees them.

“You need to f*****g lose weight. It kills me.”

NOT TODAY. [Tumblr]
NOT TODAY. [Tumblr]

Just to reiterate Christina’s tweet informing us that she has never actually met this man in person in her life.

Thankfully it seems that Christina has the sense not to lose any sleep over this man and his unsolicited and unwanted opinions, responding with the perfect retort – a picture of her eating – and sent this whole thing viral.

Christina's perfect response [Facebook/Christina Topacio]
Christina's perfect response [Facebook/Christina Topacio]

*drops mic*

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