Fifty Shades Of Grey: Meet The Real Life Christian Grey


Pedro Rebelo doesn’t need to go and see Fifty Shades at the cinema, he lives it every day.

The 24-year-old model and broker is a self-proclaimed dom (dominant) who claims to have converted over 300 women to his BDSM lifestyle.

Aptly-named Rebelo hails from the notoriously filthy Hemel Hempstead and is convinced that not only do women enjoy pain, they beg him for it.

“Women have a much higher threshold and they don’t actually realise this but they are addicted to pain,” claims the bondage aficionado.

“I will never, ever put my hands on a girl until she begs me to do it. It doesn’t matter how long I have to wait, how long she has to be tied up for, how many things I have to do to her – she will beg for every single thing I do to her.”

Much like in the best selling erotic series, Pedro takes pleasure from exerting complete control over his submissives – in every way possible.

“When I say someone belongs to me I will make sure every single inch and every single drop of them belongs to me.”

However, unlike the eponymous Mr. Grey, Pedro is not a one sub dom and has many casual partners who enjoy his lifestyle choice.

One of these partners, Amy, credits Rebelo with opening her eyes to a whole new way of life via his whips and cuffs.

“Before I met Pedro I had no experience of BDSM whatsoever,” explains the 23-year-old.

“That changed pretty quickly and I don’t think I could go back.”

But while Pedro is thoroughly, THOROUGHLY enjoying his hedonistic approach to sex it seems the same can’t be said for Amy.

“I think Pedro thinks sex is all about physical, no emotions attached but I think there has to be emotion to trust someone. To be able to be so vulnerable, there has to be emotion and it can’t just be physical.”

Clearly distraught over their sexually stimulating yet emotionally unfulfilling tryst, Amy breaks down as she admits she has struggled to separate the sex from the emotions.

“I don’t think it would go further, which is why I’m trying to pull myself away,” she admits through tears.

“But I think if he wanted to try anything, I’d be straight back there. Without a doubt.”

Let this be a lesson to all you would-be subs: just because you let a man chain you up and tease you with nipple clamps, doesn't mean it's love.

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Pedro Rebelo claims to have converted well over 300 women to his BDSM lifestyle [Instagram/pedderslt]
While Pedro loves playing the role of dom, some of his subs aren't so happy with the arrangement [Instagram/pedderslt]