26 IKEA Fails That Will Make You Want To Crush Their Meatballs

Nikki Barr

IKEA is like actual heaven on earth. For some people. For others, it's where happiness goes to die.

For the latter, even making it to IKEA is a nightmare (especially if you don't have a car), but then you get home - if you've managed to get all your stuff on the bus/in your car to avoid the £35 delivery charge - and the nightmare starts again.

Where is the final screw? Why are the holes the wrong way around? Why is this table not a table? There's even a special place reserved in hell for the slats on every IKEA bed.

1. When you miscalculate where the railings should go on every drawer-containing IKEA piece ever.

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2. When you make it to the end of the instruction manual and realise you've been building the wrong thing. 

3. When you've risked your life and sanity to get your Kullen chest of drawers and it's out of stock.

4. When IKEA gives you two of the same chair, but one is for your childhood self.

5. When you've made it to the end, only to be left totally f***ed over by your IKEA chair.

6. When you want to reprimand IKEA for their failings but you just love their meatballs too much.

7. When even IKEA can't get their sh*t together.

8. When you're so tired from buying nothing that you end up eating ALL THE FOOD instead.

9. When you drive illegally home just to avoid IKEA's £35 delivery charge.

10. And when you hold your head up high and strut out with your goods, only to surrender that £35 delivery fee 30 minutes later.

11. When you can't even get your IKEA allen key to fit and it's all over before it's even started.

12. When there's always one smug little screw left over and you have no idea where it should have gone. And you never did find out.

13.  When the IKEA bed slats just NEVER STAY IN PLACE.


15. When IKEA are just so NOT on fleek.

16. When you're so irritated with your IKEA purchase that you send it out into the cold, dark street alone in the hopes that someone else will take the burden away.

17. When you're so delirious that you're making LOLZ about IKEA furniture names on social media.

18. When even IKEA doesn't give a damn about your table problems.

19. When you're struggling with IKEA's ball equality issues.

20. When there are more people returning their IKEA goods than buying them.

21. When your IKEA bed frame fits NO MATTRESS EVER (unless it's from IKEA).

22. When all you want to do is eat some apple and IKEA brutally lets you down.

23. When you can't even get a legal glass of water.

24. When you buy an IKEA cushion for your child and realise it's covered in pornographic drawings.

25. When you take your IKEA rage too far.

26. And this total catastrophe.

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