24 Of The Best Disney Cake Ideas Ever

From Finding Nemo to Up and Ratatouille, these birthday cake and wedding cake designs are just incredible

If there’s one thing Disney has taught us over the years it’s that a spoonful of sugar can fix any problem. Throw in some eggs, flour and bicarb and you could even end up with one of these masterpieces.

And while we obviously can't all create Great British Bake Off-style showstoppers as good as these, we can definitely dream - or attempt them with more confidence than we probably should.

From incredible Up cakes to Monsters Inc creations and the best Ratatouille cake you will EVER see, here are our pick of the best Disney cake ideas.

1. This is THE Up cake to end all Up cakes - by Kakes by Katie and Two Sugar Babies for Wendy Updegraff's daughter's birthday party.

2. The Little Mermaid cake - by Galia's Sugar Art.

3. Aladdin cake - by someone awesome, but we don't know who.

4. Lady and the Tramp cake - by Arte di Zucchero Cake Design.

5. Rescuers cake - by The Little Cherry Cake Company.

6. Winnie The Pooh cake - by Maria Letizia Bruno.

7. The Jungle Book cake - from Nina's Art Cake.

8. The Lion King cake - by Baby Bea's Bake Shop.

9. Sleeping Beauty cake - for Australian Cake magazine.

10. Tinkerbell cake - by Incredibly Edible.

11. Toy Story cake - from The Royal Bakery.

12. Finding Nemo cake - By someone awesome, but we don't know who.

13. Monsters Inc cake - by MondvolTaart bakery.

14. WALL-E and Eva wedding cake - by Disney Cakes for Heather Bickford.

15. Up cake - by someone awesome, but we don't know who.

16. Beauty And The Beast cake - by Le Torte de Renato cake design.

17. The best Ratatouille cake you will ever see - by Richard's Cakes.

18. Alice In Wonderland wedding cake - by Choccywoccydoodah.

19. The Lion King cake - By Babolinkata bakery.

20. Pocahontas cake - by someone awesome, but we don't know who.

21. Disneyland castle cake - by Robyn Loves Cakes.

22. Repunzel / Tangled cake - by Reposhture Studio.

23. Cinderella cake - by someone awesome, but we don't know who.

24. Brave cake - by Chokolate Fancy Cakes bakery.

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