17 Cheap Wedding Cake Ideas For Brides On A Budget


Wedding cakes certainly aren't the cheapest of 'Big Day expenses'.

At an average of £500 for a three-tier design that you'll probably only eat a teaspoon of (to put that into perspective, that's a honeymoon flight to Barbados for one of you), wedding cakes are one of the biggest 'annoying' outlays for most couples.

While some are happy to skip the cake entirely to save on cash, lots of us want to have something to cut into on the day. Alas, unless you're a Bake Off winner making your own wedding cake can be a little tricky - hence the price tag.

We've tracked down some cheap and totally managable recipes you can DIY for the big day so why not have a go?

1. Cake Pop Cake
These are super easy to make, although a little time consuming. If you can't afford the wooden tiers to display them in, you could always dress up some coloured styrofoam with lace and flowers.

2. Mini Dessert Tower
Buy some cheap small tumbler glasses from IKEA, bake some large cakes and crumbles and then separate them into each glass (custard and cream are good fillers), then just stack them up.

3. The Tart Cake
Mini mince pies can work for a winter wedding, or custard tarts with strawberries for summer. These are super easy to make and look beautilful on the right cake stand.

4. Macaron Tower
Macarons aren't cheap to buy, so if you're going to attempt this wedding cake, you'll need a macaron baking buddy. Buy a cheap plastic cake stand and use icing to help you stack them.

5. Ferrero Rocher Tower
It might look 90s, but a Ferrero Rocher tower is an instant Instagram hit. Buy your Ferreros in bulk and use sticky glue or icing to stack them (if you're brave enough), or opt for a clear plastic tower from eBay for safe stacking.

6. Flake Cake
Flakes are another thing you can buy in bulk (ice cream van style), this design can be a little tricky, but it looks amazing when it's in place - and very cheap to put together! Serve with ice cream and sprinkles.

7. Ice Cream Cone Cake
This one needs a bridesmaid or caterer to complete at the very last minute, but you can get the cones ready and in the right shape before the big day. Any ice cream works for this, so it can be as Lidl or as Waitrose as you like.

8. Rice Krispie Cake
Rice Krispie squares are the easiest and cheapest little treats to make. Use three different sized cake tins to create these giant squares and then stack them up with ribbons. Add coloured drizzle or sprinkles.

9. Pie Cake
Super simple to put together, very tasty and with a zero price tag (if you've got a grandma with serious pie-making skills), pie cakes and towers are a winner all round.

10. Italian Meringue Biscuit Cake
Italian meringue stays soft before it sets, so you can create a cute biscuit design instead of tiered effect.

11. Oreo Biscuit Tower
A super simple design with a tiny price tag. If you're a fan of Oreos, this ticks all the boxes. Go for Lidl or Aldi's Oreo-style cookies to save even more cash.

12. Bundt Cake Stand
Bundt cakes are simple enough to make and look adorable if you dress them up on the right stand. You can even stick a flag through the middle as pictured.

13. Rice Krispie Squares Tower
Not a fan of the giant Rise Krispie squares? You can stack tiny ones mixed with Coco Pop squares to create a more unique design.

14. Doughnut Tower
Krispy Kreme towers are already a favourite among summer weddings, but you can cut the price tag by buying normal supermarket doughnuts the day before. Use a unique tower or dress with coloured frosting and bunting to make them stand out.

15. Croquembouche (Profiterole Tower)
Croquembouche is pretty tricky to master, but if you've got a baking friend, they're cheap and cheerful wedding cake alternatives. Or just attempt it yourself and see what happens for lolz.

16. Mini Oreo Cake
If you fancy making your Oreo cake a little more 'classy', use chocolate fingers and icing to create a 'fence' for mini oreos. Cutting the cake is a little trickier...

17. Pancake Tower
Pancakes look amazing no matter what you put on them, so stacking them with some flowers and dripping sauce is a simple wedding cake design that definitely won't break the bank.

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