Ways To Wear: The Premium Long-line Coat

Girls on the Ground

By Amy and Naomi, Two Shoes One Pair

Images c/o A Fashion Fix, Two Shoes One Pair, Charissa Rae, What’s In Her Wardrobe

There is nothing quite like being told that the slick, long-line, structed coat of the season loved by possibly every blogger,ever, is just £70. We certainly haven’t taken ours off our shoulders since they popped through our letter boxes as these beauties are perfect for every occasion.

Here are our favourite ways to wear Missguided’s Khloe Coat:

Day Wear

Amy goes for classic Bretons whilst Naomi channels boho chic

Get The Look
Amy: Coat (£70.00) Jumper (£56.00), Dress (£120.00)
Naomi: Coat (£70.00) Jumper (£15.00), Flares (£28.00)

Night Time

Shimmering sequins or simple skaters, this coat can add the premium feel to any evening wear

Get The Look:
Amy: Coat (£70.00), Dress (£28.00), Clutch (£35.00)
Naomi: Coat (£70.00), Skirt (£7.50), Bag (£16.00)

And get some of our other favourite bloggers looks:

Hannah – A Fashion Fix
Get The Look: Coat (£70.00), Jumper (£31.00), Shoes (£66.50)

Gemma – What’s In Her Wardrobe
Get The Look: Coat (£70.00), Trousers (£30.00), Trainers (£66.99)

Kavita – She Wears Fashion
Get The Look: Coat (£70.00), Jumper (£9.99) Culottes (£14.99)

Charissa – Charissa Rae
Get The Look: Coat (£70.00), Jeans (£16.00), Bag (£32.00)

Hannah – A Fashion Fix
Get The Look: Coat (£70.00), Jumper (£40.00) Shoes (£19.99)

The Premium Waterfall Coat is available in Grey, Ivory, Black and Camel