Girls On The Ground Fashion And Beauty Bloggers Launch Party - Welcome To The Club

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Everybody meet Yahoo Lifestyle's Girls on the Ground!

A group of top quality, super stylish and delightfully creative bloggers, who will be joining forces with us on an exciting fashion and beauty project.

Naomi, Sabrina, Annie, Charlotte, Natalie and Zoe (only Amy is missing)! [Copyrihgt: Yahoo Lifestyle]

If you're a keen fashion or beauty blogger, you probably caught wind of our Girl on the Ground competition this year.

Throughout August we hunted high and low for the UK's most promising fashion and beauty bloggers.

Our shortlist was incredible and our two winners came with us to LFW September 2014 and did a phenomenal job of reporting from the front line.

Due to the success of the competition and compelled by the talent we'd unearthed, we decided to extend the project further.

We've put together a team of some of the best girls we discovered this year.

We can't tell you exactly what they'll be working on just yet as some of the information is top secret, but suffice it to say, we're all really excited about the months to come, so watch this space!

Launch Party

Last night, we got all the girls together for a lovely, intimate cocktail party in a private room in The Apartment at The Hoxton, Holborn.

Some of the Girls on the Ground team. [Naomi Rowland/Instagram]

The room itself was delightful and filled with bookcases carrying objets d'art, old-fashioned sweets and other curiosities.

The Cocktails

The cocktails were fabulous.

The Soho Mule in its amazing cup. [Copyright: Yahoo Lifestyle]

We started with a Soho Mule, which was a gingery, spicy concoction of utter goodness, in a rather exciting copper cup.

The two that followed were full of fizz and elderflower and went down all too easily.

We're thrilled to be working with beauty writer Natalie! [copyright: Yahoo Lifestyle]

The Parting Gift

It wouldn't be a blogger party without something fun to take away at the end of the night now would it?

Thanks Clinique!

The lovely team over at Clinique in the UK pulled out all the stops to make sure the girls left our meeting with all manner of fun beauty products.

The specially curated goody bags included everything from Clinique's "dramatically different" moisturising gel, to their fun chubby sticks in a variety of tints.

We'll be working with Zoe again. [Copyright: Yahoo Lifestyle]

Needless to say, everyone was thrilled!

Watch This Space...

Before long, we'll be allowed to reveal more about what the Girls on the Ground team will be collaborating on.

We're really excited to get started and to work with all of them, thanks to everyone who made last night a success!

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