Caroline Flack Blog: My Dirty Dancing Dream Came True!

You Know What I Did This Summer

The Music Sounds Better With You!

I grew up not being allowed to watch Dirty Dancing.

My parents were fairly strict and back in the 90s (yes I'm that old) Dirty Dancing was actually considered a film for adults. 

Now it’s a family West End musical. You do the maths…

Anyway, by the time I reached 15, my parents finally let me watch it (with them in the room, obviously).

Cringe at the sex scene.

Those two saucy little hours changed my life. I was hooked. Within three weeks, I knew every move, every word and every lyric.

The irony is, I'm now living out this movie.

Every time Pasha tells me I'm stepping on the one and not the two I just want to sing 'HUNGRY EYES.' Every time I walk out of the studio I expect to see the Schumachers robbing my bag. And every time I feel like I can’t do it, Pasha looks at me with his Patrick Swayze eyes and tells me I can!

The only thing is, I'm not 17 anymore. I'm not a Rockette and I definitely feel more like Vivian. Mo is coming down on Friday.

Spare Change For Chanel?

Even though I spent most of this week sweating and cha cha-ing, I did manage to get out and about. Saw some friends, got to see a show at London Fashion Week and even managed to lose my iPhone and purse.

Me and my bezza, Josie, popped into Fashion East on Tuesday and drooled for 15 minutes over some up and coming designers.

After the show we realised I'd lost my purse! As a result we had to count up all our loose change and managed to buy ourselves an omelette and some chips in a Greasy Spoon. Who said showbiz is glamorous?

Purchase of the week

From reading this blog over the last few weeks, I think it’s become highly obvious how much I love travelling. It's my escapism, my down time, my luxury and my education.

My purchase of the week is this little beauty from Apsinal. It’s the PERFECT SIZED suitcase for all occasions. It’s small enough for hand luggage and large enough for a holiday.

It's beautiful, classy and cool. I'm obsessed with the colour and simply can’t wait to book my next holiday...

One Love

I visited Rwanda with Comic Relief a few weeks ago and haven't be able to talk about it until now. In my head, Rwanda was a country that was so obviously torn apart by the 1994 genocide, that I never dreamed I would find a place so full of love.

I met men, women and children whose lives couldn’t be more different to ours here in Britain. Lives that have been damaged and utterly destroyed. I couldn't help comparing the level of their strength to my own.

I consider myself a strong woman and can only really judge my resilience from what I have experienced in life. I do think that we sometimes tell ourselves "oh I couldn't get through that" or "I will never get over this," but given time, we do...

Sometimes we don’t get over things, but we do adjust to them.

After meeting children who have been abused by their own families and a woman who watched her siblings get macheted to death, my beliefs have changed dramatically.

As a nation, the majority of us as are stronger and more loving than I have ever imagined. It’s just a shame it’s not all of us.

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