Sonic Youth: Anti-ageing Headphones For Your Cheeks

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We love a bizarre beauty treatment and anything that promises clearer skin, tinier wrinkles or shinier hair, but a walkman for your face? You're going to feel quite silly wearing that, aren't you?

The latest perfect skin device essentially looks like a pair of headphones that you wear on your cheeks instead of your ears.

Not for your ears - for your cheeks (StriVectin)

They're actually part of a facial toner created by StriVectin, that promises to 'preserve facial muscle mass', using elecric currents to stimulate the skin and facial muscles to keep their elasticity and youth.

Because unlike other muscles, which attach to your bones, your facial muscles attach to your skin, meaning they sag and lose volume as you age with nothing to anchor them in place.

According to its creators, the toner is designed to 'directly target facial nerves and muscles, utilising 30 milliamps, which is equivalent to 30,000 microamps'.

This sounds like a lot.

Dr Neil Sadick, who led the clinical tools for the gadget explains: "It's hard to target the deeper tissues and this [tool] helps that."

The device is hands free and uses technology designed to help people who've suffered facial trauma. It's the first tool made by the brand that specialises in anti-ageing creams and potions, delivering treatment through the pads worn on either side of your face.

But it's not the only beauty treatment your housemates will get a shock if they walk in on you trying.

The acne-busting mask has eye gaps so you can get on with your day (IlluMask)

How about the IlluMask? A worthy-of-a-horror-film white face-cover that if used every day might give you a touch of 'subtle airbrushing', according to one woman who tried it out.

It comes in two types. One, which has eye slits, is to treat acne using LED light therapy. The other is a flat mask you wear over your entire face that targets wrinkles.

Beat your wrinkles with light (IlluMask)

While it's hard to define whether something can turn back time, the acne therapy has been given approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US.

It uses a combination of red and blue light that's been found to reduce breakouts and heal acne-prones skin, and is based on treatments available in high end salons - for a fraction of the price.

So you might feel a bit of a wally wearing it around the house but these look like they could be the new miracle creams when it comes to skincare.

And they're certainly better than this:

A less high tech option (Daybreak)

 (And a string of other bonkers Japanese anti-ageing devices.)

Or this...

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