Cheryl Cole Hair Tutorial At Cannes 2014: How To Get Her Red Carpet Look

It’s been a year since she’s stepped foot on a red carpet.

And 30-year-old Cheryl Cole stole the show at the Cannes Film Festival again this year in a Monique Lhuillier waterfall dress – but all eyes were on the star’s gorgeous up-do hairstyle.

The X Factor judge donned a loose, effortless bun that showcased her monochrome de Grisogono earrings to full effect.

We spoke to celebrity hairdresser Nicky Clarke about how to re-create the singer’s Cannes hairstyle at home…

1. Cheryl’s hair is coarse, so an intensive conditioner beforehand is imperative to repair any damaged ends.

2. Power dry the hair 90 per cent dry to remove all moisture then place a nozzle on the hairdryer and direct at the hairline.

3. Moving the hair in the opposite direction, either comb or brush it to straighten out and tidy up the roots.

4. Now it’s time to place the middle parting and create volume around the crown. Using your fingers, separate the hair informally, level with the eye.

5. Take a large triangle section of hair two inches back from the parting and spray hairspray at the roots.

6. Using your fingers, pull the hair directly away from the head and power dry the roots; this creates natural volume.

7. When you get to the triangle section of hair where you want the volume, blow dry the hair away from the head and roll around the brush to create a little more volume.

8. With the hair now dry, it’s important you get the placement correct. Firstly take horizontal sections and gently backcomb the roots three or four times to get a little stability to the volume, leaving out the tendrils at the front.

9. Using the tip of your brush, brush over the backcombing to smooth the backcombed hair.

10. Gather and tie the hair into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck.

11. Go through the pony tail in small sections and backcomb from roots to ends.

12. If you find your hair isn’t holding the backcombing as well, run a straightening iron such as the Nicky Clarke Hair Therapy Wide Plate Straightener, £29.99 over the section once hair-sprayed and leave to cool down.

13. Go back through with a bristle brush and smoothen the ends of each section, leaving the backcombing in roots and mid lengths.

14. Form the hair into a rolled bun by folding over the palm of your hand and tucking in to meet the head. Secure with grips.

15. Spray with hairspray to keep in place.

Will you be trying out Cheryl’s hairstyle? Let us know in the comments or tell us on Twitter now.

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