Beauty Blogger Has Eyebrows Tinted While Waiting To Give Birth. Because Why Not?


[Photo: Mollie Makeup/Facebook]

You don’t exactly look your absolute best when giving birth. So, one mother-to-be decided to make sure that at least her eyebrows looked on point when she had her baby.

Australian make-up blogger Mollie Harwood, who goes by the name Mollie Makeup online, was scheduled to give birth to her second child by Caesarean section on Friday.

But because the hospital was busy with other expectant mothers, there was a delay to her birth.


[Photo: Mollie Makeup/Facebook]

She filled the time by having her eyebrows tinted at a salon inside the hospital - and posted a video of her getting them done on her Facebook page.

In the video, she said: “So I arrived here thinking that I was going in at 10.30/11 to have a Caesar and no that’s not happening,” she said.

“I found a beauty salon and the one thing I forgot to do before I came into hospital was get my eyebrows tinted. I’m going to have nice dark eyebrows ready for my photo with baby, which hopefully happens today.”

Her Facebook followers loved the video.

One wrote: “You are so funny. I love that you are just being you and not really giving 2 hoots. Good luck & hope it’s happening now.”

Another said: “Nothing like making the best of a situation! And who knew there was a beauty salon in a hospital?! Good luck with the eyebrows….and the baby!”

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