Blogger Grace Victory was only given a 5% chance of surviving COVID

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For months, fans had been desperately worried about YouTuber, writer and blogger Grace Victory. After contracting coronavirus during her pregnancy, Grace's baby boy was delivered early and she was placed in an induced coma as her condition became critical.

After ten long weeks unconscious in ICU, she woke up in early March, and has now shared the happy news that she's being discharged from hospital. But in a scary revelation, Grace posted on Twitter that doctors had given her a very low chance of survival from her illness.

"The medical staff gave me a 5% chance of surviving Covid," Grace wrote, adding that she has now been discharged from the ICU. "I will never ever give up," she posted.

In what her sister has called "a miracle", Grace Victory credits her recovery with thoughts and prayers from her loved ones, as well as her own determination. "The entire time my family and Lee kept saying 'you don’t know what she’s capable of' and the whole world sent me love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart," tweeted Grace. "Keep praying because it’s working."

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It was first announced that Grace, whose baby son has been cared for by her partner Lee while she has been in hospital, had been placed into an induced com on 28 of December, via a statement written by her family.

It read: "As you guys know, Grace gave birth on Christmas Eve to a beautiful baby boy, who is currently doing so well. We love him so much. Grace developed Covid-19 two weeks ago and although her symptoms were mild at first, they worsened as the days went on, which meant they had to deliver the baby as soon as possible, as she was just too unwell to carry on with the pregnancy."

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The family continued: "Grace was admitted into intensive care on Christmas Day due to issues with her breathing and therefore they had to make the decision to put her into an Induced Coma, to give her body the rest it needs in order to recover. She is currently stable."

After a long and worrying wait, on 8 March - which just do happened to be International Women's Day - Grace tweeted for the first time since before Christmas. She posted, "I'm awake" along with a simple white heart emoji, and later shared an update on her young son, saying, "Baby boy is thriving at home x." The news came as a huge relief to her thousands of followers who had regularly been sharing their hopes for a positive update on Grace's health.

We're so relieved Grace seems to be building up strength, and we can't wait to have her back online properly when she's made a full recovery.

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