Blogger divides followers after claiming it’s ‘too early’ to celebrate Christmas

How early is too early to put your Christmas tree up? [Photo: Getty]

Instagram is awash with influencers clutching Christmas cups, adverts with jingly music and snowy scenes are filling our screens and Halloween is but a distant memory.

But we’re only a couple of weeks into November, so is it too early to be going full on Christmas?

That’s the question on blogger posed on Twitter recently having spotted someone who’d already put up their Christmas tree.

“Just spotted a Christmas tree in someone’s window… a little early, no?” Niomi Smart asked her followers.

And it sparked a debate about how soon was too soon to get the Christmas decorations up.

Some agreed with Niomi that it was way too early to be whacking up the tinsel.

While others were of the belief that it’s never too soon to get into the Christmas spirit.

Others had their own poignant reasons for putting up their decorations early.

The debate comes amid news that playing Christmas music too early can be bad for our health.

Speaking with, experts explain that overloading on Christmas-themed melodies can have in impact on our mental wellbeing because it reminds us of the financial and emotional stress of a season that is meant to be joyful but can be fraught with pressure.

That was the same conclusion a clinical psychologist came to last year when she revealed that playing our beloved tracks on repeat could prove bad for our mental health.

Expert Linda Blair told Sky News: “People working in the shops at Christmas have to [tune out] Christmas music because if they don’t, it really does stop you from being able to focus on anything else.”

She continued, “You’re simply spending all of your energy trying not to hear what you’re hearing.”

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