Bling Empire's Kelly Mi Li opens up about Andrew Gray relationship

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

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After devouring our latest reality TV obsession Bling Empire in 24 hours, we were left with three burning questions. One of them was will there be a season 2? The second was are Cherie and Jessey married now? And the third was what happened to Kelly Mi Li and on-off boyfriend Andrew Gray?

Well, while Netflix are yet to officially confirm a season 2, we do now know the status of Kelly and Andrew's relationship. Following some tense scenes and couple's therapy, the pair split up and Andrew moved his stuff out of the house, but we were left on a cliffhanger when Kelly went to meet the former Power Rangers actor turned producer in the final episode.

With zero couple pictures on Instagram since the show filmed in 2019, they've done well to keep us guessing, but this week Kelly confirmed she is currently dating Andrew after the pair reconnected in June 2020.

"We're still taking it day by day, but I have to say it's like night and day watching that version of him compared to now," Kelly told Women's Health in a personal essay. "Andrew has put in so much work. I'm so proud of and inspired by him."

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

She added, "Already, he's so much calmer. He's now able to communicate his thoughts and feelings without just blowing up. It's such a hard thing to do - to rewire yourself, especially your anger - but he's doing it."

Andrew hasn't moved back into Kelly's house yet, but it sounds like they're in it for the long haul, with the reality star saying the next chapter involves them "focusing on us together as a couple and building a family".

Read Kelly's full essay at Women's Health.

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