Blake Shelton hints at a Las Vegas residency

Blake Shelton has revealed his Las Vegas ambition credit:Bang Showbiz
Blake Shelton has revealed his Las Vegas ambition credit:Bang Showbiz

Blake Shelton would love to have a Las Vegas residency.

The 45-year-old country singer has revealed he'd relish the chance to perform in Sin City and has already imagined creating something similar to Garth Brooks' one-man show, which he performed at the Wynn Las Vegas hotel.

He explained: "I've always wanted to do a show like [Garth's].

"Now I probably waited too long because I don't play guitar as good as I used to. The key thing for Garth was that he could just walk out there and play a million different songs. I always meant to do something like that. It's just my career hasn't had the window of time to do it up until now.

"I definitely think that there's a good chance of me doing something like that."

Gwen Stefani - Blake's wife - recently completed her run at Planet Hollywood in Vegas. However, Blake acknowledges that there's a distinct difference between their on-stage performances.

He told People: "You know, the difference in what Gwen does and what I do is monumental. When I perform, I'm making George Strait look like he's running a marathon up there. I'm a going-to-stand-in-front-of-the-microphone kind of guy.

"Resting isn't something that I have to spend a lot of time thinking about after my shows. Normally, I just have to sit down, and then I'm good."

Blake also feels that country music needs to be better represented in Vegas.

The singer - who tied the knot earlier this year - said: "I've been going to Las Vegas for 20 years now, and the one thing that I've noticed, and people talk about, is there's not enough country music venues.

"There's especially nothing right down in the midst of the strip and in the centre of everything."