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Watch Chris Martin Wash Dakota Johnson's Hands And Hair In Hilarious Video

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak has seen cities and countries across the world enforce or recommend stringent self-isolating and quarantine measures in an attempt to combat the virus.

In the UK, the latest advice is for Britons to stop 'non-essential' contact with others as well as to cease travel. Specifically, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the country to work from home where they can and avoid socialising hotspots like pubs, clubs, restaurants, theatres and cinemas - yet stopped short of enforcing a ban on these venues remaining open.

At the time of writing, in the US, some major cities including San Francisco have been put on lockdown. In New York City, bars, restaurants and casinos have to abide by new curfew hours, similar venues have all been shut down in Los Angeles and in Ireland, all pubs, bars and restaurants have been closed - even today, on St Patrick's Day.

These guidances have no exemptions, including the rich and famous - who have been keeping fans updated on their self-isolation tactics.

It goes without saying that wealth and fame make self-isolating is a lot easier. They are not medical or retail staff who are required to travel to work each day or affected by a loss of income as a result of companies closing down. Many celebrities have become aware of their privilege, so are using their platforms to encourage followers to practise social distancing and share how they are helping to fight against the disease.

Here are a selection of some you may have missed.

Watch Chris Martin Wash Dakota Johnson's Hands And Hair In Hilarious Video

'I really like to hose my hands down'