Blake Lively Just Wore An XXL Curly Half-Up Hairstyle And We're Obsessed

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blake lively
Blake's XXL Half-Up Hairstyle Is Hair Goals Getty Images

Blake Lively is human sunshine, and we are counting down the minutes – no, seconds – until she wins the Met Gala red carpet again on Monday. Not just by literally matching the carpet (we know you've seen those memes), but by always. nailing. the brief. There's a theme, people! And it seems understanding the assignment doesn't come but once a year, because Blake just said to the world: 'Oh, Barbiecore? Watch thissss.'

The Barbie Movie tour is underway and everything has gone pink, blonde, and apparently even blue contact lens sales are up (too far people). But as someone who had all the ingredients to work with already, Blake Lively's doll transformation is spectacular.

The actress was attending a formal celebration with friends and recruited hair stylist Jennifer Yepez to create the most incredible XXL curly half-up hairstyle, and yes I'm starting back to front but just look!

It sails all the way down to her waist and in Jennifer's own words: 'Definitely real life Barbie 🎀.'

The makeup was matched by Carolina Gonzales, who gave Blake a frosty eye look to make her blue eyes even icier, and that cool toned pink blush and lip that's booming thanks to Barbiecore beauty.

Blake said the pair had her looking like a 'Human Facetune' and while that's not something we'd tend to celebrate, we can get on board for a Barbie moment. She is plastic after-all.

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