Blake Lively just got Ryan to bleach her roots and, oh my *god*

Kate Pasola
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If there's one couple it's easy to feel universally happy for (and free of any sort of Valentine's season bitterness about), it's Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

Don't ask me why, because I have no idea. It's just that their relationship, told through a series of cute moments and deep, deep trolling, is just so damn pure.

And they took that to the next level this weekend, with a video of Ryan retouching Blake Lively's roots at home, brush in hand, plus expert levels of sectioning.

The video should be no surprise really... despite appearances (i.e. she's absolutely gorj), Blake's a pretty low-key gal, often giving her fans an insight into the BTS of her life, from the time she shared images of her unplucked eyebrows and matted hair to that bowl cut escapade, to freely dishing out her makeup recommendations.

But there's just something extra adorable (and relatable) in seeing Blake resorting to having her expensive-looking blonde highlights touched up with a home-dye and the willing assistance of her husband.

Her caption was less wholesome, but still absolutely hilarious: "That time I f*d my hairdresser."

Jonathan Van Ness also waded in to comment his praise for Ryan's technique, saying: "The sectioning is really really good 🤤💁🏻"

Gal Gadot commented "Now that’s love!!😻" And Ashley Tisdale also added: "What can’t he do?!"

Ryan returned the favour by posting another heart-melting post in tribute to Blake - a slow-mo video of her on a sledge, with the caption: "My forever valentine for the foreseeable future."

You guyssssss.

I mean, come on...

Absolutely adorable.

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