Blake Lively on her body insecurities after third baby

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Photo credit: Jackson Lee - Getty Images

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From the outside, you might assume that all celebrities are untouchable when it comes to body insecurities. But as we're slowly learning, even the most high profile stars are human too - and they also experience some of the same worries about the way they look. Like Blake Lively, for example.

A particularly vulnerable time for a woman is after giving birth, considering how much the body has endured throughout the pregnancy - and mum-of-three Blake Lively recently opened up about how much it affected her following her third baby. Every woman is different, and while some might just 'bounce back' (as there is so much pressure to do), most others are left with ongoing indicators that they have grown and delivered a baby. Extra pouches of skin, stretch marks, and bigger breasts are all common for postpartum women, but they're also all known to be areas of insecurity for new mothers.

Sharing a throwback photo from a year ago, when she made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in January 2020, shortly after she had given birth to third daughter Betty, Blake shared a rare insight into how she was really feeling. In the picture, the actress can be seen looking gorgeous in an all-black outfit - but as she revealed, that wasn't how she was feeling inside.

"I put together a @lanvinofficial shirt and dress from @netaporter to make this pretty outfit," Blake captioned the photo on her Instagram Story. "Because no one had samples that fit me after giving birth. And so many clothes from stores didn’t fit either. So. Many."

The Gossip Girl star continued, writing: "It doesn’t send a great message to women when their bodies don’t fit into what brands have to offer. It’s alienating and confusing. And I wish I felt as confident then as I do now, a year later looking back.

"That body gave me a baby. And was producing that baby’s entire food supply. What a beautiful miracle. But instead of feeling proud, I felt insecure. Simply because I didn’t fit into clothes. How silly is that in retrospect."

What Blake Lively experienced last year was such a universal feeling, and yet it's so important that people speak openly about it. Because by seeing people sharing the realities of their body insecurities in a public domain, it reminds everyone else that it's totally okay to feel unassured in their own selves.

It's not the first time Blake has made an important point about post-baby bodies, either. Just eight months after the birth of her first daughter, James, in December 2014, the actress had to wear a bikini daily while she filmed The Shallows. To look at her, you wouldn’t have guessed she’d had a baby that year, but Blake made no bones about the fact her post-baby body transformation wasn’t something that happened naturally.

Speaking to The Sun, Blake revealed it took "two different trainers and a nutritionist to help me get into that sort of shape because it’s not normal to look like that eight months after having a kid." She went on to add, encouragingly: "Women put pressure on themselves to look like a Victoria’s Secret model after having a baby. It’s absolutely absurd. It was my job to look that way."

It's so refreshing to hear someone speak so honestly about the reality behind the way their post-baby body looks, and to share the highs and lows of how they really feel. It normalises the experience for so many others and serves as a vital reminder that nobody should be setting any expectations on themselves post-birth, aside from being happy and healthy.

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