How to blag your way in to London Fashion Week AW13

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How to blag your way in to London Fashion Week AW13

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As fashion's elite descends on London Fashion Week AW13, we bring you the definitive blaggers' guide to bagging yourself a coveted seat on the FROW. No flirting with security required...

1. Queue for a catwalk show

All the big shows like Burberry or Tom Ford will already be full to capacity but if you casually mill around the queue for smaller designers, there's a good chance you might be invited into the private cinema to watch the show on a big screen instead. It's not quite the same as watching the show live, but you do get to see some amazing show footage and can be content in the knowledge that all the action is happening only a few feet away in the neighbouring tent.

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Do turn up just before the show is about to start to get a better chance of gaining entry into the private screening.

Don't say you work at the designer's production factory in Hong Kong and mumble something about a mislaid invite. Security will be called.

2. Check out smaller shows away from Somerset House

With Somerset House providing the hub for London Fashion Week, lesser known shows dotted around London often don't get a look in. Attend a show in the weekday when it won't be as busy and try to join the queue just before show time.

If the venue is half empty, there's a good chance you will be asked to be space fillers, as let's face it, no designer wants the humiliation of a half empty audience. With a bit of luck they might even bump you up to the front row in a frantic attempt to fill seats and then you would have truly made it to the big leagues.

Do your research and venture away from Somerset House to the smaller shows in and around London.

Don't assume entry is guaranteed because the show is half empty, security still have the right to refuse entry.

3. Ensure you're dressed to impress

By now any fashionista worth their salt knows London Fashion Week is less about what the models are wearing, and more about what the uber-trendy attendees are wearing. If you want to try and convince anyone you're a seasoned member of the fashion tribe, you'll have to dress the part.

Your best party dress won't cut it I'm afraid; think ethnic print cigarette slacks and Maison Martin Margiela's cult candy clutch. Of course one must remember to sign off the look with the obligatory bubble gum pink lippy and oversized shades.

Do remember confidence is half the blag when it comes to pulling off your look; keep your shades on even if it's raining.

Don't spend a fortune at Burberry the night before hoping to impress their publicist with your loyalty to the brand, they'll only mutter something snarky about your desperation under their breath.

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4. Exploit your fashion blogging credentials

If you have a popular fashion blog, make sure you register as a blogger on the official LFW website in the weeks running up to the shows. On arrival you will be given a press pass which will guarantee you entry into the exhibitions and showrooms but more importantly you will be given the cult LFW tote bag that you can smugly wear on the journey home.

Do make sure you have more than 5000 regular readers a month on your blog or you won't get a look in and yes they will want to see your blog statistics on site.

Don't turn up to the press desk with your friend who moonlights as a photographer for your blog, you may able to get in but she won't and you'll have to decide what's more important- a tote bag or your friendship.

If all else fails there's still plenty to do in and around London during Fashion Week for the budding trend hunters. Somerset House will be hosting the London Fashion Weekend on the 21st-24th February for members of the public as well as the fashion pack.

If you're not a member already, has a handful of fashion groups who have the inside track to all the best after parties and fashion blogger events so it's well worth joining them.

London Fashion Week is so much more than trying to blag your way into a show though; half the fun can be had outside in the stunning courtyard of Somerset House. You can soak up the great atmosphere, do some serious celeb watching and immerse yourself in London's rich fashion culture.

Still if it is your destiny to get on the FROW then I'm sure these tips will see you brushing shoulders with Alexandra Shulman in no time.