The bladeless fan that shoppers swear is as good as the Dyson but a quarter of the price

Are you all sorted for the summer months? We’re not talking about making sure you have a selection of cute hot-weather clothes lined up here – we’re talking cooling fans!

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It might not be as fun as fashion, but you’ll thank us for pointing this out, we swear. There’s nothing worse than sleepless nights because you didn’t think to buy a good fan. Well, Amazon has you sorted in that department.

Ocean Loong Ceramic Heater & HEPA Air Purifier & Bladeless Tower Fan 3in1
Ocean Loong Ceramic Heater & HEPA Air Purifier & Bladeless Tower Fan 3in1


We tracked down an of-the-moment, bladeless ceramic fan that caught our attention immediately because of the glowing reviews – with several saying it is "excellent value for money" and just as good as the similar Dyson model.

The big difference, however, being the cost. The Amazon fan will set you back £139.99 whereas the Dyson one is £599 – more than four times the price.

Says one happy customer: "Not being a Dyson means it is cheaper in price, which was important to me being budget restricted. I think it does the same job, heats, cools, and can be used as a dehumidifier. Easily portable and comes with a remote."

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Says another: “Overall for the price and comparing it to reviews on the Dyson I feel as though I have made the right choice choosing this one over the Dyson.”

The fan features 9 different speed levels, and it has an oscillation setting. It also has a HEPA Air Purifier and a massive bonus is that it can be used to heat your home during the winter too.

Ocean Loong Ceramic Heater & HEPA Air Purifier & Bladeless Tower Fan 3in1
Ocean Loong Ceramic Heater & HEPA Air Purifier & Bladeless Tower Fan 3in1

The fan is also available in white (and silver) if that fits better with your decor scheme

And of course, the advantage of it having no spinning blades means you don’t have to worry about kids or pets getting injured by it. It has a reinforced chassis to help it stop falling over if it does get a bump, and there’s an automatic shut-off mode if for some reason it does get tipped over.

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There are a total of nine different fan speeds in cool mode and the power is only 28W max, with an Energy Efficiency Grade A plus, meaning it's not going to cost you an arm and a leg to run.

It also comes with a 30-day return policy which does give you a bit of extra peace of mind… Definitely worth considering if you don’t have a fan sorted for the heatwave yet!

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