Blackpool Tower to play host to Christmas Bongo's Bingo specials set to Queen's killer hits

There will be three special 'Bongo's Will Rock You' sessions in Blackpool in the run-up to Christmas (Photo: Third party)
There will be three special 'Bongo's Will Rock You' sessions in Blackpool in the run-up to Christmas (Photo: Third party)

It will be time to dig out those air guitars and celebrate the flamboyant band at ‘Bongo’s Will Rock You’, a Queen-inspired bingo extravaganza with a festive atmosphere.

Each festive show will feature all of Queen’s biggest hits for hands in the air sing-a-longs all night long.

What is Bingo’s Bingo?

To the uninitiated, Bongo’s Bingo is a lively mix of traditional bingo, dance-offs, rave intervals and audience participation.

It is the perfect opportunity for groups of friends, even those with only a passing interest in bingo, to let their hair down and also win some unusual – and sometimes fabulous – prizes.

What will be going on?

Between en-masse renditions of Bohemian Rhapsody, Radio Ga Ga and A Kind of Magic, festive nights will be packed with Christmas bangers and lots of special prizes.

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There will be riotous fun, amazing music, crazy prizes, en masse Karaoke, rave rounds, dance-offs, the odd pink unicorn and of course

plenty of bingo as part of the UK’s most bonkers, surreal and energetic night, all rolled into one glorious party.

Where and when is Bongo’s Will Rock You taking place?

The big festive event is taking place in the Blackpool Tower complex on Friday November 24 and Friday December 8 and December 22.

Tickets go on sale Friday September 1 from 6pm at:

What they say

A Bongo’s Bingo spokesman said: “Our festive shows are going to be epic – loads of Queen classics and all

kinds of mega rock tracks and Xmas anthems belting out each night.

"Christmas is my favourite time of the year for Bongo’s Bingo - the crowds are always on the finest form and

of course we get to theme everything too – it brings the year to a wonderful climax.

"The Blackpool crowd are always up for a wild party so we know our Bongo’s Will Rock You shows will take it to the next level.”