Black Pound Day: when it is and how you can support Black-owned businesses?

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Photo credit: Tevarak  Phanduang / EyeEm - Getty Images
Photo credit: Tevarak Phanduang / EyeEm - Getty Images

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The Black Lives Matter movement is at its core, a collective of liberators who believe in an inclusive and spacious movement, asking each and every one of us to make a commitment to actively help fight racial inequality.

However, if you have been struggling to figure out a way you can really make a difference, then getting behind Black Pound Day is a great way to start.

Led by ex-So Solid Crew member, Swiss, this national campaign is set-up to help support Black-owned businesses and the growth of the Black economy.

Here's everything you need to know to make sure you're making a difference with your money.

What is Black Pound Day?

Starting with one day a month, the campaign encourages shoppers to switch buying from their usual go-to stores, for shopping with local and online UK Black-owned businesses instead (if you have the means, of course).

'Black Pound Day is a real solution-based, community-empowering campaign and motivating endeavour that will leave a better infrastructure for the next generation to walk into,' reads a statement on the campaign鈥檚 Instagram account.

The first Black Pound Day took place on 27th June and will be every first Saturday of the month going forward, meaning the next one is 5th September.

You can watch the below video, posted by Swiss, for further clarification of how it all works.

How can you support Black Pound Day?

The website explains that, if everyone was to spend just 拢10 a week on Black businesses, we could inject 拢1.9bn into the Black community. So, you can support the campaign by shopping from a Black-owned business, recommending them to your friends and shouting about your purchases on social media, using the hashtag #BlackPoundDay. It's really as straight-forward as that.

You can also upload your receipt details from the day via the Black Pound Day website, so the total spend can be calculated on the day to highlight the magnitude of our collective spending power.

Brands we love to shop

We've curated a few of our favourite Black-owned brands to give you some inspiration as to where to shop this weekend:

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