Black Phone’s Screenwriter Just Gave An Update For The Sequel, But It's His Other Project With Scott Derrickson I’m Excited About

 Ethan Hawke poses while wearing a creepy mask in The Black Phone.
Ethan Hawke poses while wearing a creepy mask in The Black Phone.

In a cinematic landscape where reviving classic horror franchises has become the norm, it's rare for a new series to emerge and truly grab the audience's attention. Yet, that's precisely what's happening with the anticipation building around the forthcoming The Black Phone 2. Details on how the sequel will unfold remain sparse, particularly given the original Black Phone's flawless ending. However, the revelation that the entire original team, including author Joe Hill, is on board for the sequel has sparked considerable excitement. Hill, alongside the first film's screenwriter, C. Robert Cargill, just shared an enticing update about the project. However, the screenwriter’s other collaboration with director Scott Derrickson is what has me particularly thrilled.

When Should Audiences Expect To See The Black Phone Part 2?

Joe Hill, the mastermind behind the original Black Phone story, which was the basis for one of the best Blumhouse movies, recently lifted the receiver to give us the lowdown on the highly anticipated sequel. Hill, who also happens to be the progeny of horror royalty Stephen King, posted a screenshot of an announcement made by C. Robert Cargill to his own Instagram, sharing that the sequel, which is still shrouded in mystery, is set to haunt theaters in 2025. And the image was accompanied with the following caption:

How this for a magic trick? Cargill & Derrickson are going to make The Black Phone materialize BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES in 2025. You just gotta tip your hat to them. (Photo from Wondercon, spotted in the wild by Jonathan Mayberry, and used with this particular Grabber’s permission)

Talk about exciting news! When it was released in 2021, it was easily one of the best horror movies of the year. The first movie is a perfect sleepover/gateway horror film with a satisfying conclusion, so I cannot imagine what a sequel might look like. But with the creative team from the first one in place, I’m pumped to see what they have in store for us!

C.Robert Cargill And Scott Derrickson Are Collaborating On A Remake Of A Noir Classic

What has me particularly pumped is the other project confirmed in this Black Phone 2 update: fans are getting another upcoming book adaptation (or a possible remake) of Davis Grubb's classic novel The Night of the Hunter. According to Deadline, Universal Pictures has tapped Scott Derrickson as the director for the upcoming adaptation of Davis Grubb’s celebrated 1953 novel. The Doctor Strange filmmaker will helm the project, co-writing the screenplay with his frequent partner, C. Robert Cargill, continuing their successful partnership across various projects.

Shelley Winters' Willa inraptured by Robert Mitchum's Preacher Harry Powell in The Night of the Hunter (1955)
Shelley Winters' Willa inraptured by Robert Mitchum's Preacher Harry Powell in The Night of the Hunter (1955)

Night of the Hunter has received the silver-screen treatment before. It was originally adapted into a 1955 flick, which is one of the best psychological thriller films you can watch, that stars a menacing Robert Mitchum. The feature is a masterpiece of horror noir that has chilled audiences for decades. Its story of a sinister preacher hunting two children for their deceased father's hidden fortune is the stuff of nightmares. While beautifully shot and acted, the film inevitably reflects the constraints of its '50s production era. Released two years after the novel, the first adaptation had to tone down the story's darker and more violent elements to meet the audience's expectations of the time.

The excitement around C. Robert Cargill and Scott Derrickson, the creative minds behind The Black Phone and Sinister, taking on this iconic work is palpable. Derrickson's track record in the horror genre and Cargill's nuanced approach to storytelling set the stage for an adaptation that could bring a fresh perspective to horror noir. This project promises to not merely rehash a classic but to delve deeper into the novel's dark themes through a modern lens, potentially redefining it for today's audience.

So Black Phone 2 is definitely on my radar, but it’s the whisperings of NoTH that have truly captured my imagination. While you wait for updates on those productions, revisit the first Black Phone, renting or buying wherever you get your films. And, if you've yet to experience the cinematic masterpiece The Night of the Hunter, you're in luck, as it's available to stream for free on Tubi.