Blac Chyna undergoes breast and butt reductions as part of 'life changing journey'

pasadena, california february 25 blac chyna attends the 54th naacp image awards at pasadena civic auditorium on february 25, 2023 in pasadena, california photo by frazer harrisongetty images
Blac Chyna undergoes breast and butt reductionsFrazer Harrison

Reality TV star and model Blac Chyna is sharing a major transformation with her 16 million followers on Instagram today (March 13), getting candid and sharing in detail her process of reversing several plastic surgeries and injections.

Chyna had her first breast enhancement age 19. Now 34, this appears to be a major life shift for Chyna, with her captioning the post, "I want you all to be a part of my life changing journey. I Reduced my breast and Gluteus maximus. You all have the power to heal your life, and you need to know that. ~ Angela White"

And if you’re not sure who Angela White is, that is actually Blac Chyna’s real name.

In the series of videos, she also warns others considering altering their bodies in the same way that she did, especially when it comes to what could potentially happen post-surgery.

"I just want all the ladies out there to know, do not get silicone shots because you can get sick, you can die, have complications and all this other crazy stuff," she said.

In the short, post-surgery video diaries, Chyna is shown bare-faced and without her iconic long, bright nails.

Recovering well following the multiple surgeries that took place the previous Thursday (9th March), she’s shared footage of herself lying in bed with her bandages on. But things didn’t go quite as smoothly as expected.

“I got the reduction in my butt. Normally my procedure would have taken four hours tops. My procedure took over eight and a half hours, y'all,” she revealed.

“Whatever that silicone mass in my buttocks kept clogging the machine and breaking the machine.”

It also wasn’t the first time that Chyna has had her breasts done, even though it was "one of the best decisions I could have done in a very long time," according to her.

She revealed that this was actually the fifth time. But it looks like it could be the last – at least for now.

This transformation follows Chyna's deactivation of her OnlyFans account. Despite earning a reported $240 million on the platform in 2021, she described it as a "dead end" gig during an appearance on the Jason Lee Show a few weeks ago. She shared that she was "changing everything about me".

"All that stuff is a dead end, and I know that I'm worth way more than that," she added. Chyna also said she was coming off of the platform to set an example for her kids 10-year-old son King Cairo and 6-year-old daughter Dream.

Chyna was quick to voice support for OnlyFans creators and their own body autonomy though – "Shout out to the people that do still have their OnlyFans and stuff like that". She told them to "get your money", but "not let the money control you".

In an affirming message to fans, she said: "You all have the power to heal your life, and you need to know that." We're hoping Chyna has a safe recovery!

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