Bizarre 'hair ice' appears on trees in Northern Ireland — but what is it?

Lisa Walden
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Photo credit: Kenny Allen/Twitter
Photo credit: Kenny Allen/Twitter

From Country Living

In a bizarre weather news story, images of 'hair ice' forming on the branches of trees have been confusing locals in Fermanagh and Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

The strange phenomenon, which, at first glance looks like candy floss, is a type of ice that forms on dead wood. Also known as ice wool or frost beard, the rare ice formation wraps itself around the branch in cold weather to take the shape of fine, silky hair.

Posting on Twitter, resident Kenny Allen wrote: "After a minus 5c night at Mullaghmore, I discovered hair ice on several branches before the sun hits them, there was half a dozen places including some new ones, these on trees as you head towards the Lovers Retreat."

Unsurprisingly, the images have captured the attention of many online. One person commented saying: "It looks incredibly beautiful! I'd be dying to touch it!" while another said," I found some of this in Tintern South Wales on Saturday morning."

Previously, hair ice has also been captured in County Fermanagh in Castle Archdale, Florence Court, Castle Coole, Cladagh Glen and Big Dog Forest. Isn't nature clever?

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