Bizarre block of flats in Bristol appears to be only 2ft deep

The building looks ridiculously thin from the front (SWNS)

Here is a property that definitely warrants a second viewing.

At first glance, this block of flats in Bristol looks like it is only 2ft deep, with barely enough space to set a foot in the door.

But a closer inspection reveals its skinniness is down to its unusual triangular shape.

When viewed from the rear on the northern side, the building is just like any other. In fact, there is more than enough space for a front door and a window on each side.

From the southern end, however, the three-storey property in Fishponds, Bristol, doesn’t look big enough to fit any people inside it at all.

The building widens out when viewed from the back (SWNS)

Only a small part of of the quirky building is really narrow, with its wider end tapering down to the rest of the property.

One of the building’s tenants, Andy Watson, has rented a flat in the building for 19 years, but only noticed the strange facade three years ago when his brother pointed it out.

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"The thing is I rarely walk from that direction,” said Mr Watson, 59. “I usually come from the other side, from Fishponds Road.

"My brother found it quite amusing because it’s a weird shape. I was a bit annoyed with myself for not noticing it, because it’s part of where I live.

The true shape of the building can be viewed from above (SWNS)

"I have noticed that kind of architecture elsewhere in Bristol. The corners of some streets are very narrow.

"I have seen a few like that in Easton. Ironically, the only one I didn’t see, at least not for a long time, was the one where I live."

The thin part of the block contains a narrow utility room with four washing machines for tenants.

Mr Watson said: "I think a business selling spare parts might have been in this building before they turned it into flats."

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