Biscoff Popcorn Exists And It's Going To Take Your Next Movie Night Up A Gear

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: GB Gifts

From Delish

Biscoff is the gift that just keeps on giving. It started life as a humble biscuit, and now it’s taking over the whole damn world.

Lotus Biscoff – also known as Speculoos – has been making doughnuts, cheesecakes and Twixes a million times better for a while, and now they’re here to pimp up your favourite cinema snack

Biscoff popcorn exists, and the best part is, you can buy bags of the delicious stuff in the UK thanks to GB Gifts.

The website, which imports chocolate and snacks from all around the world to the UK, has just got a delivery of Let’s Popcorn from Germany. As well as being available in caramel biscuit aka Biscoff flavour, there are also three other delicious variations.

There’s cookies and cream (Oreo), caramel sea salt and caramel. These bad boys are going to take your movie nights up a gear. Can I get an amen?

The Biscoff flavour is described as “our variety of caramel biscuit, the lavishly coated popcorn with the mega taste of caramel biscuit, will blow your mind! You won’t expect that much biscuit taste.”

Buy now!

Each 100g bag will set you bag £4.99, which is more than a regular bag of popcorn you can buy in the UK, but GB Gifts has to import the bags over to the UK, and that ain’t cheap, buddy.

GB Gifts is also the place to get your hands on the Biscoff Twix, and we really, REALLY recommend you do. Talk about a taste sensation.

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