Biscoff McFlurries are officially on the menu at McDonald's

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Photo credit: McDonald's
Photo credit: McDonald's

McDonald’s is known for its killer McFlurry. The soft serve ice cream and the many, MANY toppings and sauces make it one of the best fast food desserts out there, for sure.

But can you think of anything that would make the McFlurry even better? Maybe if it joined forces with our favourite flavour of all time, Lotus Biscoff?

You see where we’re going with this now, don’t you?

The McDonald’s McFlurry now officially comes in Biscoff flavour. Yup – you can get that sweet, sweet McDonald’s ice cream topped with Lotus Biscoff crumbs. But no sign of any Biscoff spread in there – surely that’s a missed opportunity?

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So, the good news is that a Biscoff McFlurry does indeed exist. But the bad news is, it’s not available in the UK just yet.

So unfair!

Thanks to Entertainment Daily, we know that the Biscoff McFlurry is currently on the McDonald’s Singapore menu. But it has made an appearance on the Belgian and French McDonald’s menus in the past, which is a good sign as those places are way closer to us guys here in the UK, so maybe it’ll make its way over here to the UK soon?

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Seriously. Who do we need to speak to to make this happen?

Anyway, until then, you’ll just have to settle for the Galaxy McFlurries, which are currently on the Maccy D menu. And seeing as they are AWESOME, we think we’ll survive.

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