This Biscoff KitKat Easter Egg Might Just Be The Most Beautiful Thing We've Ever Seen

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Happy Easter, to one and all! Yeah, technically it’s not Easter for a couple of months, but when we’re getting treated to Easter eggs as glorious as this one, we’re more than happy to start celebrating early.

That’s right – supermarkets are already lining their shelves with Easter eggs, and we’re not mad about it to be honest.

And the specific Easter egg we want to draw your attention to today is this KitKat one. But it’s not just any old KitKat Easter egg. It’s a Biscoff KitKat Chunky Easter egg!

Dreamy, right? Come on – you can’t tell me the Lotus Biscoff KitKat Chunky isn’t the best one of all the KitKats?

The Easter egg comes with two Biscoff KitKat Chunkies, and is available to buy in UK supermarkets now.

Okay, so maybe Bisocff KitKats aren’t your thing, but how about a Mint Aero Easter egg instead then?

At long last, Aero has launched a Peppermint Bubbles Easter egg. And yes, the Easter egg itself is made of peppermint flavoured chocolate. And alongside this tasty, tasty egg, you also get a bag of Aero Peppermint Bubbles.

If you fancy having a turn on this, you can pick one up at Tesco stores now.

Or maybe a Cadbury Fingers Easter egg is more your jam? It’s described as being “The ultimate Easter egg shell with crispy biscuit pieces in Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate.”

And as well as the super-thick chocolate egg, this bad boy also comes with three sharing bags of Cadbury Fingers.

You can pick up this mega Easter egg from Tesco stores now.

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