Birling Gap: Warning after young girl pictured being pulled from cliff edge

A young girl was seen being pulled back from the edge of the cliff

A young girl has been pictured being pulled away from a cliff edge, prompting local authorities to warn about a danger to life.

Other people have been spotted balancing close to the cliff edge at Birling Gap, East Sussex and posing for pictures.

South Downs National Park shared a video on social media which showed a man navigating a wall to stand right on the edge of the cliff as others in his group took photographs.

It warned that people were "putting themselves, their family and emergency services at huge risk".

The scenes have prompted authorities to issue warnings
A man poses for a picture on the edge of dangerous cliffs

Wealden Council also issued a stern warning, saying: "We know we're always saying it, but for good reason after yesterday's near miss at Birling Gap. Please stay away from the cliff edge.

"Is it really worth risking your life for?"

It added: "Stay well away from cliff edges and bases."

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Cliff falls can make these activities even more dangerous.

In 2017, there was a significant cliff fall at Seven Sisters beach near Eastbourne, where 50,000 tonnes of the cliff crumbled.

The next day, a 23-year-old tourist fell to her death when she jumped in the air for a photograph and slipped on the edge.