Billie Eilish's non-sticky lip gloss is only £12

Cassie Powney
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Photo credit: TONI ANNE BARSON - Getty Images
Photo credit: TONI ANNE BARSON - Getty Images

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We (Team Beauty) are open and honest about our obsession with Bille Eilish, and how we like to jump on the rare beauty tit-bits she throws us like scavenging hyenas (now there's an image for you).

Needless to say, it's slim pickings. Billie is a naturally private person (which we totally respect), and she certainly doesn't spend her precious time listing the beauty products she likes. Which means that as dedicated beauty editors, we have to stalk her and her makeup artist for the good stuff (via Instagram... we don't just stand outside her house yelling up for beauty recommendations).

As well as staring at her amazing nail art for secret messages, and getting way too excited about the tweaks she makes to her green hair (did you see the beachy waves?!) we also like to check in on her makeup artist Robert Rumsey. He's certainly perfected Billie's natural, dewy look (using mostly MILK, in case you were wondering).

But during a recent Instagram Live chat with fans, Billie casually applied a glossy lip product and had us all squinting into our screens to work out what it was. The answer: Kopari Coconut Lip Glossy,£12 - a vegan, coconut oil-based lip balm-gloss, which contains the lip-loving likes of olive-based squalane, shea butter, and vitamin E. YUM.

Billie's lips always look so lush and plump, so I imagine this product is flying off the (virtual) shelves as I type.

Billie, thank you for inspiring my first beauty purchase of the week... now gimme more!

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