Billie Eilish's iron deficiency informed her latest perfume

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Billie Eilish has channelled her fondness for the taste of metal - which comes from being iron deficient - into her second perfume drop.

Bad Guy singer Billie first ventured into the world of fragrance in November 2021 with her debut perfume Eilish No. 1 and she recently released her follow-up, Eilish No. 2.

Speaking to Harper's Bazaar about the inspiration behind the scent, she said, "Things I was thinking about for this one were rain, water, and kind of a silver, metallic-y dark world. And I just wanted rain and water, and dripping and misty - anything that resembled something wet, essentially.

"And I had a lot of inspiration from dark, kind of abysmal-looking places, and that's what I saw in my head. I also really liked the idea of pine, woods, pepper, and things like that, which were my main Eilish No. 2 inspirations. I've always had an iron deficiency, and so when I was younger - and honestly still to this day - I really liked the taste of metal. It has this specific, almost sweet, but dark, cold taste, and I wanted Eilish No. 2 to feel a little like that in a weird way."

Describing her second offering as sultry and mysterious, the perfume is housed in a female bust, like the first one, but this time the bottle is black as opposed to the gold original.

Talking about the process of creating perfume, the 21-year-old said it was helpful having more knowledge the second time around.

"It was just nice to already know what I was getting into and know what was to come so I was prepared for all of the things, all of the little steps in the middle," she revealed.