Billie Eilish shares her secret talent of drawing boobs and snakes

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Photo credit: Samir Hussein/WireImage
Photo credit: Samir Hussein/WireImage

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Billie Eilish has done a lot for a 19-year-old. She's had over 141 award nominations, two Guinness World Records, and created the James Bond soundtrack. But creating music isn't her only passion, because she's just taken to Instagram to reveal her talent for drawing women... naked.

Celebs aplenty including Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid have all joined Instagram's "post a picture of" challenge, sharing never-before-seen photos from inside their lives. Most recently, Billie decided to take requests from fans for photos from the deep depths of her camera roll, as she unveiled adorable pictures of her dog, Shark, as well as her new knack for sketching.

"A drawing you're really proud of", one fan requested, before Billie responded with a photo of her sketchpad featuring some super-artsy NSFW drawings.

A snake ran through the middle of the page, while surrounded by drawings of the naked female body. Boobs and all.

Photo credit: Billie Eilish via Instagram
Photo credit: Billie Eilish via Instagram

"These probably I love boobs lol" she replied. We've got to say, the drawings are pretty good.

Despite her love of sketching the nitty-gritty, Billie has always been vocal about body-shaming and particularly the reasoning behind her well-known baggy clothing choices.

Even as recently as her new music video, fans interpreted the meaning behind 'I Think Therefore I Am' as a middle finger to societal beauty standards, as she's seen running around a shopping mall after-dark, snacking on all the junk food in her way.

For the challenge, which was posted to Instagram Stories, Billie also posted a video of herself in the studio working on her new album, as well as a clip of her watching her documentary 'The World's A Little Blurry' for the first time.

So, is an Eilish art gallery on its way? We'll have to wait to find out for that one, but we definitely wouldn't be mad about it.

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