Billie Eilish just revealed a *huge* secret behind her new blonde hair

Kate Pasola
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Photo credit: Billie Eilish - Instagram
Photo credit: Billie Eilish - Instagram

From Cosmopolitan

  • Billie Eilish debuted a brand new platinum shag look yesterday following many months spent with a signature black and green mullet.

  • She later posted a TikTok wearing a black and green wig, lifting the hairline to reveal blonde underneath.

  • Further comments on the TikTok revealed that she has, in fact, been blonde "for like two months"

  • Fans are now speculating on the length of time Billie's iconic black and green look has been thanks to a wig

It's been a big 24 hours for the follicles of Billie Eilish.

ICYMI, Billie blew our collective minds last night with her latest hair transformation reveal, showing a brand new bombshell platinum blonde look. There's far more pressing news to discuss, so if you want to get into the nitty gritty, go and read our freakout from yesterday here.

New developments in Billie-goes-blonde-gate, however, are that Billie's new transformation isn' And even more confusingly: the green and black hairstyle we've been admiring of late was a wig.

You can see the TikTok below - in it, she can be seen laughing and lifting the front of her hairline up to reveal blonde hair under the sludge-green roots she's famous for. What's more, underneath she's commented:

"this was in my drafts LOL my hair has been blonde for like two months".

Here at the official HQ for Billie Eilish Hair Speculation, we've been anticipating this move away from her green and black accidental mullet for several months - ever since she teased that she'd be going a different colour back in September and pranked us all.

The facts we can rely on are: at one point in time, B's black and green look was real hair, because we spoke publicly about it being the result of a hairdressing incident. And secondly, we all know how difficult it is to transition from dark hair to blonde, and that to do it safely takes many months and bleaching / toning / conditioning sessions.

Therefore it makes total sense that Billie would continue to sport her iconic hair while releasing her film The World's A Little Blurry and scooping up Grammys for her latest music, before embarking on a blonde rebirth.

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What's in store for this nee era of Billie? I, for one, can't wait for the art she's going to produce.

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Also, anyone else *this* close to booking in a platinum overhaul? Obsessed.

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