Billie Eilish Just Debuted A Whole New Make-Up Look With Winged Eyeliner

Kate Pasola
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Photo credit: Jeff Kravitz - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jeff Kravitz - Getty Images


Out of all of the learnings 2020 has given us (and there have been many), it's safe to say Billie Eilish has always taught us to expect the unexpected from her.

Take, for example, that time she trolled us all into thinking she'd changed up her trusty green and black mullet (which, let's not forget, was the result of an accident itself).

We also got a glimpse of her real nails after we'd come to only ever see them buried under badass acrylic talons while she performed an exquisite Tiny Desk concert.

But to date, Billie hasn't experimented an awful lot with her makeup choices. She tends to stick to a glowing, natural no-makeup makeup look (and often credits MILK as the brand behind it all) - and eyeliner isn't really something which tends to feature.

Photo credit: Rachel Luna - Getty Images
Photo credit: Rachel Luna - Getty Images

And while we're all for Billie sticking to her signature beat if she wants to, this weekend she debuted a new look with dramatic as heck cat wing eyeliner via a selection of Instagram grid posts and stories - and I'm obsessed.

Across the evening she shared a few close-ups of her face complete with expertly applied sweeps of liner.

Photo credit: Billie Eilish - Instagram
Photo credit: Billie Eilish - Instagram

She even shared a grid shot, on which she commented 'no i’m not showing u the costume [sic]' leading us to believe that the makeup look was part of a spooky costume for the Halloween season.

There's no word yet on which exact eyeliner she used (trust me, we're all ears) - but as soon there are updates, I'll be adding to basket immediately.

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A post shared by BILLIE EILISH (@billieeilish) on Nov 1, 2020 at 11:40am PST

Anyone else suddenly filled with a renewed will to apply a cat-wing, even just to sit in the living room?

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