Billie Eilish just broke TikTok with an extremely NSFW no-makeup video

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Photo credit: Billie Eilish - Instagram
Photo credit: Billie Eilish - Instagram

Ok, when will we learn to expect the unexpected from Billie Eilish? She's given us enough reason to do so by now, after all.

TL;DR - Billie Eilish just took to TikTok, makeup-free to ask her followers "Who wants to eat me out?". Yes, you heard me right. But before we can understand this crucial moment on the timeline of Billie's stratospheric ascent to being The Most Famous Person on Planet Earth, we need to go back.

Billie's always been about shock tactics. Even just when it comes to her hair - she literally breaks Instagram with every move she makes. ICYMI, she started out with aqua-blue hair, which morphed into her i c o n i c black and green mullet (which, let's remember, was the accidentally fortuitous result of a tragic hairdressing accident). Then she trolled us all by pretending to change her hair...

And then she DID change it - to her current platinum blonde bombshell look, along with a beautiful blunt fringe. That look is now slowly morphing into 2021's go-to Lady Di brushback style (Miley Cyrus's mullet is also headed in that direction (yes, at some point you're going to want 1980s frizzbomb hair too, sorry to break it to you)).

That blonde transformation was followed by her now infamous Vogue shoot in which she swapped in baggy streetwear for corsets and stockings, proving that she can pull off literally anything. The stunt (if you want to call it that, I prefer "exercising of her right to wear whatever the frick she fancies") was a nod to her incredible clapback at body-shamers in Nov 2020.

ANYWAY back to the topic at hand. Billie's latest "wait, WHAT?" moment came in the form of what is actually a hilarious TikTok, in which she's seemingly totally makeup-free, snacking on white bread, and pulling goofy faces at the camera. Then, out of the blue, she asks:

"Who wants to eat me out?"

In an extremely meta move, she captioned the video: "album out in less than a month 馃槆"


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