A billboard in Texas has advice for liberals: Keep driving until you leave the Lone Star State

A billboard in Texas encourages liberals to keep driving until they get out of the state. (Photo: Kyle Mccallie via Facebook)

A billboard near Vega, Texas, caused a bit of a stir with its message — so much so that the individual who rented it agreed to take it down.

The billboard, which Kyle Mccallie captured on his drive to work and posted on his Facebook, read: “Liberals please continue on I-40 until you have left our GREAT STATE OF TEXAS.”

Mccallie, a 25-year-old from Fritch, Texas, said that the sign was located along I-40 east near Vega and was about a 35-mile drive from the New Mexico border.

The picture went viral, and, naturally, it had had a number of opposing viewpoints. One user said“They can keep right on moving through Oklahoma as well!”

Another added, “So you want to make the entire state of Texas a safe space for conservatives?”

Randy Burkett, who owns Burkett Outdoor Advertising and the sign, said that after all of the backlash, the sign was taken down immediately, and the individual who paid for the billboard was reimbursed.

Burkett said, “I believe in free speech, but this country is divided enough as it is. I’ve spoken with the client, and he’s agreed that it should come down.”

That said, it’s just a sign. Personally, I never let signs tell me what to do — not billboards and certainly not any “one-way street” posting.

The sign currently reads that it is available to “advertise here.”

The billboard is available for advertisements after the anti-liberal message was removed. (Photo: KAMR/KCIT)

According to Burkett, the billboard may be replaced soon by one advertising the Big Texan Steak Ranch, where, according to my research, if you can eat a shrimp cocktail, baked potato, salad, roll with butter, and a 72-ounce steak in under an hour, the meal’s free!

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